(DATE CHANGE) GSM Technical talk (in collaboration with the Geology Department, UM and Institute Geology Malaysia): “Soil Related Factors Controlling Landslides in Malaysia.” - S. Paramananthan (Param Agricultural Soil Surveys)

Event Code : GSMTT 4-14-2017 Venue Name : Geology Department, University of Malaya Host Name : Coordinator Name : Date From : 2017-04-14

Talk at 5.30-7.00pm
(Refreshments @ 5.00pm)


Malaysia is located in a tropical environment. It has a high temperature and high intensity of rainfall which results in most soil profiles having depths that are to a large extent controlled by the original rock from which the soil is developed from. Consequently, many of the soil properties determine to a large extent the type of soil erosion and the size of landslides and floodings occur on a particular slope/site.

This presentation looks at the differences in soils formed under a temperate and tropical environments. It then compares how the different rock types influence many of the soil properties such as the depth of soil, texture and structure, waterholding capacity, its porosity and clay mineralogy which directly or indirectly influence the size of the resulting landslips and the frequency of flooding that can take place at a particular location. Other factors that influence the landslides and flooding are the vegetation,landuse, the use of cover crop, terracing and intensity of the rainfall.

Recent studies of soils have shifted their focus from agriculture and food production to non-agricultural purposes such as seeking foundation materials for engineering structures or storage basins for water retention to minimise flooding. The importance of the soil as part of the landscape to use for construction of houses, buildings and their resultant impact on the environment have increasingly became important.