Short Course: Groundwater Modelling for Beginners. University of Malaya August 8-10.

Event Code : UM Short Course 8-08-2017 Venue Name : Geology Department, University of Malaya Host Name : Coordinator Name : Date From : 2017-08-08

Groundwater Modelling for Beginners is a three days, hands-on course which will introduce attendees to the theory and practice of computer simulation of groundwater flow processes. Groundwater modelling plays a significant role in the assessment of the sustainability of groundwater resources and particularly in the prediction of impacts likely to be caused by human activities or climate change. It is an objective methodology that forms a component of the broader science of environmental modelling which deals with the science and the art of simulating environmental phenomena, in order to address questions of a “what happened?” or “what if?” nature. Groundwater models are essential tools for predicting what is expected to happen to groundwater levels, stream interaction and dependent ecosystems as groundwater is pumped for irrigation or public water supply, or intercepted during mining or infrastructure activities.

Cost: Course fee RM 900
Student fee RM 700
*Group discounts apply (more than 3 persons – 10% discount)

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