Bulletin : VOLUME NO. 48 - JUN 2004

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Bulletin of the Geological Society of Malaysia

Volume 48 June 2004

Edited by Lee Chai Peng, Mohd. Shafeea Leman, Joy J. Pereira & T.F. Ng

The Annual Geological Conference 2004 is the 18th in the series organised by the Geological Society of Malaysia since 1986. It is a historical precedence in a sense because this is the fIrst time it is being held in Pedis thus completing the unwritten aim of the Society to rotate the conference venues until all the states have played host to this important event in the Society`s annual calendar. Members of the Society look forward to the Conference each year as a time to present their geological discoveries and discuss their fIndings with their peers to enhance their knowledge so that we can all become better geoscientists.
A total of 55 papers have been offered for presentation in both oral and poster sessions, which would be held from 4 to 6th June 2004 at the Putra Palace in Kangar, Pedis. They are from the various disciplines within the broad range of geological topics such as environmental geology, engineering geology, hydrology, petrology, geochemistry, sedimentology, stratigraphy, paleontology, structural geology, geophysics and geoscience tools and techniques.
This Bulletin 48 contains reviewed papers that will be presented at the Conference. Due to shortage of time, only the most substantial papers from each theme which required minimal editing after review were selected for this Conference Issue. The other papers presented would be sent back to the authors for revision before being considered for future publication in the Society's Bulletin or Newsletter.

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1 Pencirian landskap geologi untuk penilaian kepelbagaian: Kajian kes Pulau Anak Datai
2 Pengaruh jenis batuan sekitar terhadap taburan Pb dalam sedimen muara Sungai Merbok, Kedah
3 Natural sorption capability of heavy metals: Granitic residual soil from Broga and marine clay from Sg. Besar Selangor
4 Kesesuaian tanah di sekitar Selangor sebagai bahan pelapik semulajadi
5 Construction aggregates for urban development: Consumption, sterilisation and the environment
6 Failures at slope cuts in clastic sedimentary bedrock in Malaysia
7 Detecting subsurface voids using the microgravity method - A case study from Kuala Lipis, Pahang
8 Physico-chemical properties of serpentinite soils in the Kuala Pilah area, Negeri Sembilan
9 Groundwater modelling of Nenasi, Pekan, Pahang
10 Pencirian mekanik batuan syis amfibol, Putrajaya, Wilayah Persekutuan
11 Radiometric age of Kampung Awah andesite
12 Benom Complex: Evidence of magmatic origin
13 Geology and granite petrology of the Besar Island, Johore
14 The depositional environment of the Mid-Palaeozoic red beds at Hutan Aji, Perlis and its bearing on global eustatic sea level change
15 Sedimentologi dan analisis fasies batuan Paleozoik Akhir di kawasan Panching, Pahang.
16 Some Devonian radiolarians from chert blocks in the Bentong-Raub Suture Zone, Pahang
17 Pemetaan gua batu kapur di Gunung Jebak Puyuh, Temerloh, Pahang
18 The discovery of Late Permian (early Changshingian) brachiopods from Penjom, Pahang Darul Makmur
19 Periglacial involutions, large folded recumbent folds and tectonic overprints at Putrajaya
20 Synsedimentary deformation of the Kapas Conglomerate, Pulau Kapas, Terengganu
21 Sistem sesar dalam Basalt Segamat: Kajian kes di Kuari Yam Fong
22 Lineaments in enhanced remote sensing images: An example from the Upper Perak Valley, Perak Darul Ridwan
23 Pengimejan lempung samudera dengan survei geoelektrik dan seismos: Kajian kes di Banting, Selangor.
24 Characterisation of amang minerals from the Klian Intan area, Upper Perak