Bulletin : VOLUME NO. 42 - DEC 1998

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Bulletin of the Geological Society of Malaysia

Volume 42 December 1998

Edited by G.H. Teh

This publication in the Society`s bulletin series, Bulletin 42, contains 21 papers. Of these, 10 papers are from the Petroleum Geology Conference 1997, held at Hotel Istana, Kuala Lumpur, on 1 & 2 December 1997. Five are from the Society`s "Seminar on Tertiary basins of Peninsular Malaysia and its adjacent offshore areas", held on 21 February 1998 at Geology Department, University of Malaya, Kuala Lumpur. In addition 6 other papers submitted by various authors are included.

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1 Miocene carbonates of the Luconia province, offshore Sarawak: implications for regional geology and reservoir properties from Strontium-isotope stratigraphy
2 Three dimensional reservoir geological model and multiple scenario volumetrics of the F23 Miocene carbonate buildup, Luconia Province, offshore Sarawak
3 Correlation data as an aid in fault interpretation: a case study
4 Channel chasing in the D35 field offshore Sarawak
5 Drilling using AvO to reduce uncertainties in D35 infill
6 Asymmetrical deformation, thrusts and mesoscale fracturation of the Nyalau Formation at Bintulu
7 Subsidence nature of a strike-slip related basin: an example learned from the Sarawak Basin
8 Southeast Asia reconstruction with a non-rotating Cenozoic Borneo
9 The Dulit triangle in Sarawak: a most striking example of detachment tectonics.
10 Meridian-parallel faults and Tertiary basins of Sundaland
11 Geophysical investigations of the hot spring occurrences in the Sungei Serai and Kampung Dusun Tua areas, Hulu Langat, Selangor
12 Pollen and diatom stratigraphy of a dendritic fluviaI/lacustrine mire system at Tasik Bera, Malaysia: Preliminary results.
13 Origin and tectonic development of Malay-Penyu-West Natuna basins
14 The stratigraphy, structure and significance of the Nenering Tertiary beds, Pengkalan Hulu (Keroh), Hulu Perak
15 The Bukit Arang Tertiary Basin in Chuping, Perlis
16 Evidences for syn-depositional tectonism in the Tertiary boulder beds of Batu Arang
17 Tectonic evolution of the Tertiary basin at Batu Arang, Selangor Darul Ehsan, Peninsular Malaysia
18 Tertiary basins of inland Peninsular Malaysia: review and tectonic evolution
19 Microscopic indicators of sliding behavior from rock deformation experiments at different temperatures
20 Granitic bornhardts: their morphology, characteristics and origins
21 Epithermal gold-copper mineralization associated with Late Neogene-magmatism and crustal extension in the Sunda-Banda Arc