Bulletin : VOLUME NO. 39 - JUL 1996

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Bulletin of the Geological Society of Malaysia

Volume 39 July 1996

Edited by G.H. Teh

This publication in the Society`s Bulletin series Bulletin 39, contains 20 papers, the majority are from the 2 main conferences organised by the Society annually namely, the Annual Geological Conference and the Petroleum Geology Conference. 7 papers are from the Annual Geological Conference 1995, held on 27-28 May 1995 at the Malacca Village Paradise Resort, Ayer Keroh, Melaka and 8 papers are from the Petroleum Geology Conference 1995, held on 11-12th December 1995 at the Concorde Hotel, Kuala Lumpur. In addition there are 5 other papers, 2 from India, one from Germany, one from Canada and one from Malaysia.

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1 Penggunaan kaedah-kaedah hidrogeokimia dan kerintangan geoelektrik untuk mengesan kemasinan air tanah pada akuifer kedua di pantai utara Kelantan
2 Geophysical investigation for groundwater exploration at UKM\\\'s Kuala Pilah Matriculation Centre, Negeri Sembilan
3 Locating abandoned mine shafts using a proton magnetometer
4 Beberapa sifat geologi kejuruteraan batuan porfir kuarza, kawasan Genting Sempah, Selangor-Pahang
5 Structural history of Hinge fault system of the Malay Basin
6 Sub-ophiolite metamorphic rocks in the Tungku area, Lahad Datu, eastern Sabah, Malaysia: origin and tectonic significance
7 Petrology and geochemistry of the volcanic rocks associated with the Darvel Bay Ophiolite, Lahad Datu, eastern Sabah, Malaysia
8 Anomalous quartzarenites of a Lower Cretaceous rift basin: Wadhwan Formation of Western India
9 Co- and post-magmatic modifications of the oceanic crust: lead isotope evidences
10 New value of displacement of Bok Bak fault and its implication on the Chuping limestone formation of Kedah and Perlis, Malaysia
11 A comparative study of conventional arrays of resistivity prospecting with differential arrays
12 A gravity high in Darvel Bay
13 Detecting leaking oilfields with ALF, the Airborne Laser Fluorosensor: case histories and latest developments
14 Tectonics of deformed and undeformed Jurassic-Cretaceous strata of Peninsular Malaysia
15 Integrated biostratigraphic zonation for the Malay Basin
16 Investigation of DMO algorithms during test-line processing: some recommendations
17 The Bentong Suture in southwest Kelantan, Peninsular Malaysia
18 Improving depth prediction accuracy of quantified drilling hazards
19 Seismic sequence stratigraphic interpretation enhances remaining hydrocarbon potential of the SE Collins Field
20 Geochemistry of gases in the Malay Basin