Bulletin : VOLUME NO. 37 - JUL 1995

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Bulletin of the Geological Society of Malaysia

Volume 37 July 1995

Edited by G.H. Teh

PROCEEDINGS AAPG-GSM International Conference 1994

The AAPG-GSM International Conference and Exhibition 1994 was held on the 21-24 August 1994 at the Putra World Trade Centre, Kuala Lumpur Malaysia with the theme "Southeast Asian Basins: Oil and Gas for the First Century". It was attended by well over 1,100 participants including those from China, Vietnam and Australia, England, Indonesia, Thailand, France and USA. On the Exhibition side, there were 66 exhibitors. The Conference was sponsored by the American Association of Petroleum Geologists (AAPG) with the Geological Society of Malaysia (GSM) as the Host Society.

Over 120 papers and 40 posters were presented over 3 days in 3 or 4 parallel sessions. This volume contains 37 papers. Because of the diversity in the backgrounds of the authors, the task of proper editorial review and author revision had been formidable and very time consuming and led to the delay to this publication.

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1 Petroleum geology of the Nam Con Son Basin
2 Stratigraphic and lateral variations of source rock attributes of the Pematang Formation, Central Sumatra
3 Some Cenozoic hydrocarbon bearing basins on the continental shelf of Vietnam
4 Structural evolution of the Pematang reservoirs, Kelabu-Jingga Gas Fields, Sumatra
5 Seismic restorations: a new technique for sequence boundary identification and correlations
6 Tectonic patterns and Cenozoic basalts in the western margin of the South China Sea
7 Basin development and uplift at an oblique-slip convergent margin: Nias Island, Indonesia
8 The gravity field and tectonics of the Nansha Islands (Dangerous Grounds)
9 Characteristics of Cenozoic sedimentary formation and tectonic evolution of South China Sea
10 The neotectonic movement and geological hazards in the Nansha Islands
11 Chronostratigraphy of Miocene turbiditic sequence of Sabah Basin from nannofossil assemblages
12 The geology of Sarawak deepwater and surrounding areas
13 Analysis of overpressure zones at the southern margin of the Baram Delta Province and their implications to hydrocarbon expulsion, migration and entrapment
14 Occurrence, origin and implications of overpressure in the Malay and Penyu Basins, offshore Malaysia
15 Subsidence curves and modelling of some Indonesian Tertiary basins
16 Timing of Cenozoic basin formation in northern Sundaland, Southeast Asia
17 A simple statistical method for correcting and standardizing heat flows and subsurface temperatures derived from log and test data
18 Implications of vitrinite-reflectance suppression for the tectonic and thermal history of the Malay Basin
19 Basin formation in the Nias area of the Sumatra forearc, western Indonesia
20 The Paleogene basins of Sabah, East Malaysia
21 History of hydrocarbon generation in the Tembungo field, offshore northwest Sabah
22 Determination of heat flow in some exploration wells in the northern part of the South China Sea
23 New generation solutions for global petroleum data management
24 The computer revolution - implications for data management
25 A microcomputer intelligent database system for Indonesia marine geosciences data
26 Seismic sequence stratigraphy of the Tertiary sediments, offshore Sarawak deepwater area, Malaysia
27 Sequence stratigraphy applied to the hydrocarbon productive basins of western Indonesia
28 Genesis of siderite in the Upper Miocene offshore Sarawak: constraints on pore fluid chemistry and diagenetic history
29 Sterane and triterpane biomarker characteristics from oils and sediment extracts of the Middle-Upper Miocene sequences, Northern Sabah basin
30 Geochemical exploration for oil and gas in northern South China Sea
31 Hydrocarbon prospect mapping using balanced cross-sections and gravity modelling, Onin and Kumawa Peninsulas, Irian Jaya, Indonesia
32 The characteristics of Neogene sediments and structure in Siberuang area (Central Sumatra Indonesia) based on gravity data
33 The characteristics of the magnetic anomaly and magnetosphere structure in the Nansha islands and surrounding areas
34 Sedimentary style and oil-gas field distribution in western Bohai Bay
35 Reservoir and seal rock distribution and controlling factors in hydrocarbon-bearing rift basins of China