Bulletin : VOLUME NO. 36 - DEC 1994

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Bulletin of the Geological Society of Malaysia

Volume 36 December 1994

Edited by G.H. Teh

This Bulletin 36 is the 8th Special Issue in the Society's Bulletin series dedicated to papers on Petroleum Geology. Bulletin 36 is a collection of 16 papers. One paper was presented at the Petroleum Geology Seminar `91, eight at the Petroleum Geology Seminar `93, one at the Annual Geological Conference `92, three at the Annual Geological Conference `93 and three other contributions.

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1 Relationship of gabbro and pillow lavas in the Lupar Formation, West Sarawak: Implications for interpretation of the Lubok Antu Mélange and the Lupar Line
2 Post migration processing of seismic data
3 The stratigraphy of northern Labuan, NW Sabah Basin, East Malaysia
4 Depositional and diagenetic histories of reservoir sandstones in the Jerneh field, central Malay Basin
5 Improved characterisation of carbonate reservoirs using non-linear modelling
6 Borehole gravimetry survey in Central Luconia carbonate reservoirs
7 Structural development at the west-central margin of the Malay Basin
8 Abnormal pressure occurrence in the Malay and Penyu basins, offshore Peninsular Malaysia – a regional understanding
9 A quantitative study of the seismic time-amplitude reflection characteristics in an oil field
10 Application of sequence stratigraphic techniques on the non-marine sequences: An example from the Balingian Province, Sarawak
11 Inversion tectonics in the Malay Basin: evidence and timing of events
12 Dent Group and its equivalent in the offshore Kinabatangan area, East Sabah
13 Complex transtensional structures and the hydrocarbon potential of the Greater Sarawak Basin, Sarawak as defined by synthetic aperture radar
14 Mélange on the Jerudong Line, Brunei Darussalam, and its regional significance
15 Geothermics of the Malaysian sedimentary basins
16 Tectonic implications of well-bore breakouts in Malaysian basins