Bulletin : VOLUME NO. 35 - JUL 1994

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Bulletin of the Geological Society of Malaysia

Volume 35 July 1994

Edited by G.H. Teh

Bulletin 35 is a collection of 16 papers. 9 papers were presented at the Annual Geological Conference 1992, held on the 9-10 May 1992 at Merlin Inn Resort, Kuantan and 2 are from Annual Geological Conference 1993, held on the 12-13 June 1993 at Delima Resort, Langkawi. One paper is from the Forum on Dam Geology which was held on 28 September 1992.

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1 Kewujudan Formasi Lambir di Sinklin Ulu Bok, Sarawak Utara
2 Potential Alkali-Silica reaction in some Malaysian rock aggregate and their test results
3 Geology and related activities in the construction of Batu Dam, Kuala Lumpur
4 Kinematic analysis of striated fractures in Titiwangsa granitoid, Karak Highway - Selangor side
5 A stratigraphic log of Semantan Formation along part of the Mentakab-Temerloh Bypass, Pahang
6 Microstructures of the deformed granites of eastern Kuala Lumpur - Implications for mechanisms and temperatures of deformation
7 Seismic and borehole analysis of Pantai Kundor, Melaka
8 Engineering properties of granitic soils and rocks of Penang Island, Malaysia
9 Comparative geochemistry of the sedimentary and metasedimentary clastic rocks of the Kuantan area, Pahang, Malaysia
10 The sedimentology and tectonics of the Temburong Formation - deformation of early Cenozoic deltaic sequences in NW Borneo
11 The significance of Upper Permian brachiopods from Merapuh area, northwest Pahang
12 Application of soil geochemistry to the detection of Sb-Au mineralization in the Buffalo Reef area, Kuala Medang, Pahang
13 Characterisation of the weathering profile developed over an amphibole schist bedrock in Peninsular Malaysia
14 Geology of the Gunung Danum conservation area: Geochemistry and soil aspects
15 Joint spacing of granitic rocks in the eastern Kuala Lumpur area, Peninsular Malaysia
16 Kajian geofizik di Kuala Betis, Kelantan