Bulletin : VOLUME NO. 32 - NOV 1992

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Bulletin of the Geological Society of Malaysia

Volume 32 November 1992

Edited by G.H. Teh

This Bulletin 32 is the 7th Special Issue in the Society’s Bulletin series dedicated to papers on Petroleum Geology. The main source of papers for this series is the highly successful Annual Petroleum Geology Seminars organised by the Society. This annual get-together, for those interested and involved in the geology and exploration of petroleum resources in the Southeast Asian region, has continued to be the premier annual petroleum geology seminar in the region. This Special Issue on Petroleum Geology Vol. VII (Bulletin 32), contains 16 papers, 13 papers were presented at the Petroleum Geology Seminar 1991, held on the 26 & 27 November 1991 at Shangri-La Hotel, Kuala Lumpur.

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1 New insight into the recent evolution of the Baram Delta from satellite imagery
2 Clay mineralogy in subsurface sandstones of Malaysia and the effects on petrophysical properties
3 Understanding reservoir behaviour through an integrated geological and engineering study
4 Shipboard processing and interpretation
5 The Eocene unconformity on Southeast and East Sundaland
6 The Southeast Sulu Sea, a Neogene marginal basin with outcropping extensions in Sabah
7 Regional seismostratigraphic study of the Tembungo area, offshore West Sabah
8 An overview of the exploration history and hydrocarbon potential of Cambodia and Laos
9 An organic petrological and organic geochemical study of North Sea Middle Jurassic Brent coals and coaly sediments
10 Integration of 3-D and site survey seismic data in analysis of near-surface hazards to platform location at Dulang Field, Malay Basin
11 Carbonate cement stratigraphy and timing of hydrocarbon migration: an example from Tigapapan Unit, offshore Sabah
12 Possible source for the Tembungo oils: evidences from biomarker fingerprints
13 3D Seismic an indispensable tool to delineate hydrocarbons
14 CO2 and N2 contamination in J32-1, SW Luconia, offshore Sarawak
15 Multiple aliasing problems in marine data
16 Petrographic and diagenetic studies of the reservoir sandstone of the Malay Basin