Bulletin : VOLUME NO. 27 - NOV 1990

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Bulletin of the Geological Society of Malaysia

Volume 27 November 1990

Edited by G.H. Teh

This Fifth Special Bulletin on Petroleum Geology contains 13 papers. 12 papers were presented at the Society’s Petroleum Geology Seminar 1989, held on the 4th and 5th December 1989. In addition, the volume contains 1 paper from the Petroleum Geology Seminar 1988.

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1 A Triassic \"reefal\" limestone in the basement of the Malay Basin, South China Sea: Regional implications
2 Depositional environments, diagenesis, and porosity of reservoir sandstones in the Malong Field, offshore West Malaysia
3 A discussion of \"SNIFFER\" geochemical surveying offshore Malaysia
4 Application of sonic waveform attributes in reservoir studies
5 Thin bed resolution and the determination of flushed zone resistivity in oil based mud
6 Miocene-Pliocene paleogeographic evolution of a tract of Sarawak offshore between Bintulu and Miri
7 The application of detailed reservoir geological studies in the D18 Field, Balingian Province, offshore Sarawak
8 The use of SAR imagery for hydrocarbon exploration in Sarawak
9 Reservoir Description: A synergistic approach to more accurate determination of oil and gas reserves
10 Induction, resistivity and MWD tools in horizontal wells
11 Structural style and tectonics of Western and Northern Sabah
12 Tectonic evolution of the NW Sabah continental margin since the Late Eocene
13 The Maliau Basin, Sabah: Geology and tectonic setting