Bulletin : VOLUME NO. 22 - DEC 1988

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Bulletin of the Geological Society of Malaysia

Volume 22 December 1988

Edited by G.H. Teh

This special Bulletin on Petroleum Geology Volume III consists of 14 papers. The first 3 papers are from the CCOP-ASCOPE-GEOSEA Workshop on "Carbonate Diagenesis" held on April4--6, 1984 in conjunction with GEOSEA V in Kuala Lumpur. The Council approved the request by CCOP-ASCOPE to include these papers in our Bulletin Series. 4 papers are from the Society’s Petroleum Geology Seminar 1986 and another 6 from the Society’s Petroleum Geology Seminar 1987.

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1 The Role of Carbonate Diagenesis in Exploration and Production from Devonian Pinnacle Reefs, Alberta, Canada
2 Significance of Stylolite Development in Hydrocarbon Reservoirs with an Emphasis on the Lower Cretaceous of the Middle East
3 Sedimentology of Upper Jurassic Deposits in the Tembesi River Area, Central Sumatra
4 Tectonic Evolution and Structural Styles of Cenozoic Basins around the Taiwan Area
5 Advances in DiplogĀ® Data Processing for Stratigraphic Analysis
6 PVT-Modelling as a Predictive Tool in Hydrocarbon Exploration, with Examples from the Mid Norwegian Continental Shelf
7 Stratigraphic-Tectonic Model for Eastern Borneo
8 Stratigraphy and Palaeofacies Development of Carigali\'s Operating Areas in the Malay Basin, South China Sea
9 Better Accuracy from Sidescan Records: The Object-Chord Method
10 Some 3D Seismic Applications Offshore Sarawak
11 Probability Problems in Prospect Appraisal
12 Accretion Tectonics in Sabah: Kinabalu Suture and East Sabah accreted terrane
13 Some Applications of the Combined Use of Cure Analysis and Electric Log Data
14 Aspects of Fault Management in Compressional Tectonics