Bulletin : VOLUME NO. 21 - DEC 1987

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Bulletin of the Geological Society of Malaysia

Volume 21 December 1987

Edited by G.H. Teh

Special Issue on Petroleum Geology consisting of 13 papers submitted for publication from the Society’s Petroleum Geology Seminar 1985.

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1 Seismic stratigraphic interpretation for the thin layers: case studies
2 Interactive interpretation of 2D seismic data
3 The Dipmeter Advisor - A dipmeter interpretation workstation
4 The nature and significance of regional unconformities in the hydrocarbon-bearing Neogene sequence offshore West Sabah
5 PalaeobathymetricaI changes in NW Sarawak during the Oligocene to Pliocene
6 Computer-assisted interpretation of depositional palaeoenvironments based on foraminifera
7 Marine statics
8 Tinggi field - analyzing the DHIs
9 Use of SEISLOG for basin evaluation and field development
10 Trap styles of the Tenggol Arch and the southern part of the Malay Basin
11 Depositional controls of reservoir thickness and quality distribution in Upper Miocene shallow marine sandstones (Stage IVD) of the Erb West Field, Offshore Sabah, NW Borneo
12 Derivation of seismic depth sections
13 Superimposed deformations and vergence of lower Tertiary sediments near Tatau, Sarawak