Bulletin : VOLUME NO. 20 - AUG 1986

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Bulletin of the Geological Society of Malaysia

Volume 20 December 1987


Edited by G.H. Teh & S. Paramananthan

This volume of the GEOSEA V PROCEEDINGS contains the remaining 41 papers that were presented at the Fifth Regional Congress on Geology, Mineral and Energy Recources of Southeast Asia (GEOSEA V) which was organised by the Geological Society of Malaysia and held from the 9-13 April 1984 at the Federal Hotel, Kuala Lumpur.

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1 Global tectonics and resources
2 Recent advances in the knowledge of geology, energy resources and metallogenesis of Papua New Guinea since 1981
3 Recent advances in the knowledge of geology, mineral and energy resources of Singapore since 1981
4 Geology and stratigraphy of the Sri Racha area, Chonburi Province, Eastern Thailand
5 Geological framework of Bangladesh
6 Preliminary synthesis of the geology of Bangka Island, Indonesia
7 Geological evolution of the Indonesian Archipelago
8 Geology and tectonics of Arakan Yoma - a reappraisal
9 Geological transport directions in Peninsular Malaysia
10 Cathaysia, Gondwanaland, and the Paleotethys in the evolution of continental Southeast Asia
11 Formation of marginal seas in Southeast Asia by rifting of the Chinese and Australian continental margins and implications for the Borneo region
12 Mesozoic and Cenozoic regional tectonics and metallogenesis in Mainland SE Asia
13 Conodont biostratigraphic studies in Sumatra : preliminary results
14 The evaporite deposits in Bamnet Narong area, Northeastern Thailand
15 New lights on human evolution in Southeast Asia
16 Discovery of stone age tools from Tripura and its relevance to the Prehistory of Southeast Asia
17 The Kanchanaburi supergroup of Peninsular and Western Thailand
18 Late Paleozoic glacial marine facies in Southeast Asia and its implications
19 Distribution of major and some trace elements of some granites from Bangka, Indonesia
20 Age determination on the Kuantan granite and dolerite dykes
21 Tin-tungsten mineralized granite at Mae Chedi area, Wiang Pa Pao District, Chiang Rai Province, Northern Thailand
22 Metamorphic mineral assemblages of gneisses along Doi-Inthanon Highway, Northern Thailand
23 Age, petrology and mineralisation associated with two Neogene intrusive types in the Eastern Highlands of Papua New Guinea
24 Petrochemistry of gem-bearing basalt in the Nong Bon area, Trat Province, Eastern Thailand
25 Metallogeny of the Hoang Lien Son subduction zone
26 A review of what is presently known about the nature, distribution and genesis of certain authigenic minerals in the stanniferous alluvial deposits of Southeast Asia
27 Tin/tungsten-bearing granites in South China and their metallogenetic relations
28 Geology and exploitation of kaolin deposits in the Bidor area, Peninsular Malaysia
29 Application of the Zeiss TGA 10 particle-size analyzer in the exploration of stanniferous placers
30 Status of uranium exploration in Peninsular Malaysia
31 Coal potential and exploration in Sarawak
32 Gold investigation in the Sungai Luit area, Mengapur Base Metal District, Pahang
33 Behaviour of tin and associated elements in a mountain stream, Bujang Melaka, Perak, Malaysia
34 Geomorphology and soils of the Padang Terap District, Kedah, Peninsular Malaysia
35 Quaternary stratigraphy and prospects for placer tin deposits in the Kuantan area, Pahang
36 Catchment geomorphology and its relationship with streamflow - a case study of selected drainage basins in Peninsular Malaysia
37 Slope stability problems in a part of western Singapore
38 Hydrogeological activities in Peninsular Malaysia and Sarawak
39 A study of altimeter height control in a gravity survey around Kuala Pilah, Central Malaysia
40 The integration of remote sensing, terrain evaluation and engineering geology in Southeast Asia
41 Engineering geology of Sungai Piah hydro-electric project, Perak, Peninsular Malaysia