Bulletin : VOLUME NO. 19 - APR 1986

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Bulletin of the Geological Society of Malaysia

Volume 19 April 1986


Edited by G.H. Teh & S. Paramananthan

This first volume of the GEOSEA V PROCEEDINGS contains 47 papers that were presented at the Fifth Regional Congress on Geology, Mineral and Energy Recources of Southeast Asia (GEOSEA V) which was organised by the Geological Society of Malaysia and held from the 9-13 April 1984 at the Federal Hotel, Kuala Lumpur.

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1 Massive sulphide deposits and their possible significance to other ores in Southeast Asia
2 The role of the ESCAP Regional Mineral Resources Development Centre
3 Recent advances in the knowledge of geology and mineral resources of Vietnam since 1981
4 Palaeogeographic development of west Sarawak
5 Geologic significance of granitic fragments found from pumice flow of 1883 eruption at the Krakatau Group, Indonesia
6 Cretaceous mélange in West Kalimantan and its tectonic implications
7 On the geology of the Petchabun Fold-Belt (Central Thailand) - implications on the geodynamic evolution of Mainland S.E. Asia
8 Geological evolution of the Southern Philippines
9 Southeast Asia as a part of an early Palaeozoic Australian Gondwanaland
10 Tertiary basins of S.E. Asia-their disparate tectonic origins and eustatic stratigraphical similarities
11 Neogene stratigraphy, structure and petroleum potential of the Oiapu-Yule Island-Oroi Region, Papua New Guinea
12 Late Palaeozoic palaeogeography of Southeast Asia: some stratigraphical, palaeontological and palaeomagnetic constraints
13 The succession of vertebrate faunas in the continental Mesozoic of Thailand
14 Present understanding of the pre-Cenozoic stratigraphy of Hong Kong
15 Discovery of Lower Permian corals in Sumatra
16 Mud volcanoes and the origin of chaotic deposits in Sabah, East Malaysia
17 A preliminary sulphur and oxygen isotope study of the Maha Sarakham evaporitic anhydrite from Bamnet Narong Area of NE Thailand
18 Aspects of the geochemistry of Malaysian cassiterites
19 The rare earth elements geochemistry of Lingshan tungsten-tin-bearing granites and their applications to petrogenesis of the granites
20 Petrological & geochemical studies of granites of Kathu Plutons of Phuket Island, Southern Thailand
21 The pattern of K/Ar ages of biotites from the granites of Penang: its interpretation in the light of available Rb/Sr and U/Pb data
22 Nature of gold mineralization in certain areas in East Manipur, India, within the Indo-Burmese ophiolite belt
23 Chromite deposits of Papua New Guinea - a future potential source of chrome
24 Bauxite in the Kuantan area, Peninsular Malaysia
25 Recent advances in exploration modelling for tin deposits and their application to the S.E. Asian environment
26 Some aspects of southern granitoid complex and tin mineralization in the northern part of Bangka, Indonesia
27 Complex tin-bearing sulphides of the South Chinese ore type
28 Some thoughts on the development of the alluvial tinfields of the Malay-Thai Peninsula
29 Factors concerning spontaneous fires in northern Thailand coals
30 Base metal exploration in Sabah
31 Regional controls of hydrothermal ore localization in northern Thailand
32 The nature and potential of gold mineralization in Kelantan, Peninsular Malaysia
33 Clay mineralogy of selected alluvial soils from Peninsular Malaysia
34 Residual soil development on sedimentary rocks of the Jurong Formation in Singapore
35 The chemistry of lateritic soils: the search for new agricultural technology
36 On a Pleistocene gravel beach sequence exposed in coastal plain tin mines, Phuket Island, Thailand
37 Palynology as a tool in delineating tropical lowland depositional environments of Late Quaternary age
38 Progress in Quaternary geological investigations in S.E. Asian countries since GEOSEA IV, Manila, 1981
39 On the Quaternary Deposits of Thailand
40 Quaternary volcanic ash deposits in the Padang Terap District, Kedah, Peninsular Malaysia
41 The Holocene transgression in Peninsular Thailand
42 Soil landscapes in Peninsular Malaysia
43 Magnetic spectrum of the San Kampaeng geothermal area, Northern Thailand
44 Engineering geological aspects of clastic metasediments in the Kuala Lumpur area, Peninsular Malaysia
45 The slope stability problem at Mae Moh Lignite Mine, Lampang Province, Northern Thailand
46 Development of San Kamphaeng Geothermal Energy Project, Thailand
47 Results of a gravity survey in the Kuala Lumpur area