Bulletin : VOLUME NO. 18 - NOV 1985

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Bulletin of the Geological Society of Malaysia

Volume 18 November 1985

Edited by G.H. Teh

This Special Bulletin on Petroleum Geology is the first attempt by the Society to devote a volume entirely to papers on petroleum geology, the majority of which were presented at the Society'S Petroleum Geology Seminar 1984.

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1 Slumping at the late Miocene shelf-edge offshore West Sabah: a view of a turbidite basin margin
2 Aspects to the resolving power of 3-D seismic surveys
3 The mechanics of progressive deformation in crustal plates - a working model for S.E. Asia
4 LITHO, a computerized approach to lithofacies determination
5 Assessment of undiscovered conventionally recoverable petroleum resources in Tertiary sedimentary basins of Malaysia and Brunei
6 Seismic HC reservoir prediction: a (critical) review on the determination of lithological parameters from seismic data
7 Seismic evidences of relative changes of sea level in the Tertiary depositional sequences near Taiwan
8 Review of principal hydrocarbon-bearing basins around the South China Sea