Bulletin : VOLUME NO. 17 - DEC 1984

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Bulletin of the Geological Society of Malaysia

Volume 17 December 1984

Edited by G.H. Teh

Bulletin 17 is a collection of I8 interesting papers which encompasses the varied fields of Geology including structural geology, petrology, geochemistry and two papers on the methods and history of the search for tin deposits.

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1 P-T-XH2O Conditions of Sg. Ara Granite, Penang Island, P. Malaysia
2 Quaternary stratigraphy and prospects for placer tin in the Taiping-Lumut area, Perak
3 Niobium-Tantalum minerals from Peninsular Malaysia
4 Construction materials for the Sembrong and Bekok Dams, Johor - a case study
5 The Stong Complex: A reassessment
6 The terrane of the Patani Metamorphics
7 A Preliminary Study on the Dielectric Properties of a Malaysian Rock Saturated with Water and Crude Oil
8 Studies of pegmatitic cassiterites from the Gunung Jerai (Kedah), Bakri (Johore) and Kathu Valley (Phuket) regions
9 A historical review of ways and means of searching for ore deposits in the Southwest of England
10 The Nan River mafic-ultramafic belt, northern Thailand: Geochemistry and tectonic significance
11 Overturned folds, superposed thrusts and structural overprints near Sungai Buah, Selangor
12 A case history-exploration, evaluation and development of the Mamut porphyry copper deposit
13 Palaeocurrents in the Tertiary sedimentary deposits in western Sarawak
14 Evidence of polymetamorphism in the Rebak Islands, Langkawi, Kedah
15 Lead-zinc mineralization at Theingon Mine, Bawsaing, Southern Shan State, Burma: A Mississippi Valley-type deposit?
16 The tectonic framework and evolution of the Central Belt and its margins Peninsular Malaysia
17 The stanniferous placers of Cornwall, Southwest England
18 Analysis of Mesoscopic Structures at Mersing and Tanjung Kempit, Johore, Peninsular Malaysia