Bulletin : VOLUME NO. 16 - DEC 1983

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Bulletin of the Geological Society of Malaysia

Volume 16 December 1983

Edited by G.H. Teh

Bulletin 16 is a collection of 16 in teresting papers, which encompasses the varied fields of Earth Science includ ing geophysics palaeontology, structural geology, palaeomagnetism & geochronology, petrology, soil science, geochemistry and economic geology.

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1 Interpretation of regional gravity and magnetic data in Peninsular Malaysia
2 On the feasibility of detecting potholes and limestone pinnacles in alluvial mining areas by gravity surveys
3 Observations on the ornamentation and ultra-structure of some well preserved, specimens of ldiognathoides noduliferus inaequalis Higgins (Pennsylvanian conodont)
4 Proposed calcareous nannofossil zonation scheme for the Miocene to Holocene of Southeast Asia
5 Significant datum planes of the Western Taiwan Neogene
6 Negative lineaments in the granitic bedrock areas of NW Peninsular Malaysia
7 Palaeomagnetism, geochronology and petrology of the dolerite dykes and basaltic lavas from Kuantan, West Malaysia
8 Lateritic soils of Peninsular Malaysia
9 Geology of the Bangkok Clay
10 Metamorphic episodes of the western foothills of Gunung Ledang (Mt. Ophir), Johore-Malacca, with a background account on the geology
11 Nature of the contact between the Taku Schists and adjacent rocks in the Manek Urai area, Kelantan and its implications
12 Intrabed andalusite abundance variation as an indicator of graded beds: an example from Kuala Kemasik, Trengganu
13 Subaquatic plants as geochemical samples
14 Potential and properties of some rock aggregates in Sarawak
15 Strata-related metallic deposits: their economic past, present, and future
16 Observations on the geology of the porphyry copper sub-province of Southwest Negros, Philippines