Bulletin : VOLUME NO. 9 - NOV 1977

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Bulletin of the Geological Society of Malaysia

Volume 9 November 1977

Edited by J.A. Roddick & T.T. Khoo

A collection of papers presented at the IGCP Circum-Pacific Plutonism Project Fifth Meeting, 12- 13 November, 1975 Kuala Lumpur.

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1 Mineralization in the Coast Plutonic Complex of British Columbia, south of latitude 55°N
2 The Sierra Nevada Batholith, California, U.S.A. and spatially related mineral deposits
3 Selected copper-bearing skarns and epizonal granitic intrusions in the southwestern United States
4 Intrusives associated with porphyry copper deposits
5 Relations between chemical composition of granitic rocks and metallization in the Outer Zone of Southwest Japan
6 Compositional variations of some constituent minerals of the late Mesozoic and early Tertiary granitic rocks of southwest Japan
7 A review of the radiometric ages of the Japanese granitic rocks
8 Granitic plutons and ore deposits in the Okcheon Zone, Korea
9 Late Mesozoic granitic magmatism in the geological structures of the U.S.S.R. North-East
10 Tectonic settings for emplacement of Southeast Asian tin granites
11 Known relationships between the \'hard-rock\' tin deposits and the granites of Southeast Asia
12 The granitic rocks and mineralization at the Khuntan Batholith, Lampang
13 Some aspects of Tak granites, northern Thailand
14 Granite emplacement and tectonic subdivision of Peninsular Malaysia
15 The granitoids and mineralization of the Eastern Belt of Peninsular Malaysia
16 Tin distribution over granitic rocks in the Kinta Hills area, Perak, Peninsular Malaysia
17 Some notes on magmatic activities and metallic mineral occurrences in northeastern Indonesia