Bulletin : VOLUME NO. 6 - JUL 1973

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Bulletin of the Geological Society of Malaysia

Volume 6 July 1973

Proceedings, Regional Conference on the Geology of Southeast Asia

Edited by B.K. Tan

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1 Tectonics of the Indonesian Region
2 Tectonics and Oil Prospects of the Moluccas, Eastern Indonesia
3 Tectonic Framework and Evolution of India
4 The Manila Trench-West Taiwan Foldbelt: A Flipped Subduction Zone
5 Tectonic Controls of Volcanism and Complex Movements Along the Sumatran Fault System
6 Tectonic Evolution of Sundaland: A Phanerozoic Synthesis
7 A Preliminary Synthesis of the Geological Evolution of Burma with Reference to the tectonic Development of Southeast Asia
8 The Early Stage of the Burmese-Malayan Geosyncline
9 Carboniferous and Permian Correlation in Southeast Asia
10 The Lower Paleozoic Stratigraphy of Western Part of the Southern Shan State, Burma
11 Late Tertiary Geologic History of the Continental Shelf off Northwestern Palawan, Philippines
12 Geology of the Region Sri Sawat-Thong Pha Phum-Sangkhlaburi (Kanchanaburi Province/Thailand)
13 Permian Brachiopod Correlations for South-East Asia
14 Geochronology of the Indian Precambrian
15 Quaternary Changes in Sea-level in the South China Sea
16 A Contribution to the Geology of Part of the Indonesian Tinbelt: the Sea Areas Between Singkep and Bangka Islands and Around the Karimata Islands
17 On Pleistocene Migration Routes of Vertebrate Fauna in Southeast Asia
18 Large Scale Mineral Exploration and New Mining Development Prospects in Indonesia
19 The Primary Tin Mineralisation Patterns of West Malaysia
20 The Exploration of the Nickel Laterite Deposits in Irian Barat, Indonesia