Bulletin : VOLUME NO. 60 - DEC 2014

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Charles S. Hutchison Memorial Issue

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1 Preface
2 Tectonic evolution of Southeast Asia
3 South China Sea carbonate build-up seismic characteristics
4 Habitat and C-14 ages of lignitic terrace deposits along the northern Sarawak Coastline
5 The origin of Canada Hill — A result of strike-slip deformation and hydraulically powered uplift at the Pleistocene/Holocene border?
6 Sedimentology and stratigraphy of the Miocene Kampung Opak limestone (Sibuti Formation), Bekenu, Sarawak
7 Ichnology of shallow marine clastic facies in the Belait Formation, Brunei Darussalam
8 Organic petrographic characteristics of the Crocker Formation, NW Sabah, Malaysia
9 Relationship between syn-depositional faulting and carbonate growth in Central Luconia Province, Malaysia
10 Tertiary coal-bearing heterolithic packages as low permeability reservoir rocks in the Balingian Sub-basin, Sarawak, Malaysia
11 Direct liquefaction on low rank Batu Arang coals of Malaysia: Influence of petrographic composition