Bulletin : VOLUME NO. 65 - JUN 2018

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1 Preface
2 Deformation profile analysis of a deepwater toe-thrust structural trend – Implications on structural kinematics and sedimentary patterns
3 Field study to identify river plume extension of Kerian River discharge during neap and spring tide
4 Integrated reservoir fluid characterization in thinly laminated formations – A case study from deepwater Sabah
5 Sedimentology of the Shiranish Formation in the Mergasur area, Iraqi Kurdistan
6 Radiolarian biostratigraphy of Malaysia
7 Lower Miocene planktic foraminifera from the Temburong Formation in Menumbok, Klias Peninsula, Sabah
8 The reconstruction of 3D geo-lithological model of Pekan, Pahang: A possible onshore extension of Penyu Basin
9 Geological and geophysical studies for multiple hazards assessments in an occupied residential area, Puchong, Selangor
10 Depth distribution of benthic foraminifera in the middle and deeper sublittoral to uppermost bathyal zones northwest of Okinawa, Japan
11 Integrated reservoir characterization of low resistivity thin beds using three-dimensional modeling for natural gas exploration
12 Variance in reservoir quality due to diagenesis: A study from tidal deposits, Nyalau Formation, Sarawak, East Malaysia
13 Comparison study on the adsorption of a synthetic textile dye using bentonite and surfactant modified bentonite
14 Lineament study of the Semanggol Formation and adjacent areas from Landsat 8 Image
15 Lower Miocene, larger benthic foraminifera fauna and depositional environment of limestone fasies from Batu Luang, Klias Peninsula, Sabah
16 Correlation of seismic velocity and density of metasandstone from Kati Formation, Seri Iskandar, Perak, Malaysia
17 Study of a TX field Miocene carbonate build-up: Integration of sedimentological data with modern carbonate analogue and 3D seismic characterization to establish carbonate facies modelling workflow