Bulletin : VOLUME NO. 66 - DEC 2018

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1 Preface
2 Application of transient electromagnetic method (TEM) technique in South-East Asia: Case studies from onshore Sarawak and North Sumatra
3 Crustal thickness and velocity structure of southern Peninsular Malaysia
4 Complex geothermal gradients and their implications, deepwater Sabah, Malaysia
5 The Ayer Chawan Facies, Jurong Formation, Singapore: Age and observation of syndepositional pyroclastic sedimentation process with possible peperite formation
6 Mobility of cadmium in granitic soil using batch and mini column tests
7 Groundwater processes in a sandbar-regulated estuary, Mengabang Telipot, Peninsular Malaysia
8 An appraisal of the tectonic evolution of SW Borneo constraints from petrotectonic assemblage and gravity anomaly
9 Evaluating the suitability of shallow aquifer for irrigational purposes in some parts of Kelantan, Malaysia
10 The stratigraphy of southwest Sabah)
11 Constraining the Permian-Triassic boundary in the Gua Panjang Hill, Merapoh, Pahang state, Malaysia
12 Durability characterisation of weathered sedimentary rocks using slake durability index and jar slake test
13 Physical characteristics and distribution of bottom sediments from the Kelantan River Delta towards the South China Sea continental shelf, Malaysia
14 Reservoir characteristics of carbonates build-ups in southern Central Luconia Province: A study based on different scales
15 Implications of climate change on the coastal zone of Kuala Selangor, Malaysia
16 Exploration potential for stratigraphic traps in Field X, Malay Basin
17 Characterisation and interpretation of stromatolites and thrombolites Paleo-environment in Setul Limestone succession, Langkawi and Perlis