Bulletin : VOLUME NO. 68 - DEC 2019

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1 Overview of the structural framework and hydrocarbon plays in the Penyu Basin, offshore Peninsular Malaysia
2 Paleoweathering, paleoenvironment and paleoclimate of the Nanka sandstone, Anambra basin, Nigeria
3 Reconnaissance survey of coastal boulders in the Moro Gulf (Philippines) using Google Earth imagery: Initial insights into Celebes Sea tsunami events
4 Use-wear experiment: Functions of impact rock flake tools from Bukit Bunuh, Perak
5 Kelantan central basin flood, December 2014: Causes and extend
6 The Tembakau gas accumulation, Tenggol Arch, offshore Peninsular Malaysia: Petroleum system, gas composition and gas migration
7 A review of two different methods for the estimation of water footprint of crops
8 Seismic geomorphology analysis of coal-bearing reservoirs using waveform classification: A case study from the Northern Malay Basin
9 The geology of Kudat Peninsula, Sabah: New insights from field geology and subsurface interpretation
10 Integrated geophysical image of the hot spring in Rokan Hulu, Riau, Indonesia
11 Residual shear strength of a weathered graphitic-quartz-mica schist in humid tropical Peninsular Malaysia
12 Evaluation of shales of the Belaga Formation in Central Sarawak, Malaysia, using the Spectral Gamma Ray method
13 2D and 3D rock slope stability assessment using Limit Equilibrium Method incorporating photogrammetry technique
14 Correlation between PMT and SPT results for Kenny Hill Formation
15 Effect of void ratio to the strength parameters of sedimentary rocks
16 Photogrammetry approach on geological plane extraction using CloudCompare FACET plugin and scanline survey