Bulletin : VOLUME NO. 69 - MAY 2020

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1 Saturated hydraulic conductivity (Ks) of earth materials in the weathering profile over quartz-mica schists of the Seremban area, Negeri Sembilan
2 Sand injectites in the West Crocker Formation, Kota Kinabalu, Sabah
3 Petrography and geochemistry of the Pinkish Lagoi Granite, Bintan Island: Implication to magmatic differentiation, classification, and tectonic history
4 Integration of field mapping, lineament interpretation and electrical resistivity tomography survey to characterize granitic rock mass lining by shotcrete
5 A contemporary review of sedimentological and stratigraphic framework of the Late Paleogene deep marine sedimentary successions of West Sabah, North-West Borneo
6 Distribution of ground motion seismic surface wave of the 2015 shallow strong earthquake at Ranau central zone seismically active region, Sabah, Malaysia
7 Identification of the main mechanism of shallow landslides in Bukit Fraser, Pahang
8 Flow velocity model for a coastal estuarine sandbar using multivariate regression
9 Application of seismic attributes to delineate the geological features of the Malay Basin
10 Geomorphological assessment of past landslides in tropical highlands – Case studies from Cameron Highlands and Kundasang, Malaysia
11 Characterization and genesis of soils derived from sedimentary rocks in the Crocker Formation, Sabah, Malaysia
12 The Ukay Perdana Shear Zone in Kuala Lumpur: A crustal-scale marker of early Jurassic orogenic deformation in Peninsular Malaysia
13 Mineralogical and geochemical properties of bricks from Sungai Batu monuments
14 “Fractured basement” play in the Sabah Basin? – the Crocker and Kudat formations as hydrocarbon reservoirs and their risk factors