Bulletin : VOLUME NO. 70 - NOV 2020

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1 Assessment of tsunami hazard in Sabah – Level of threat, constraints and future work
2 Exploration and exploitation of non-living natural resources on the continental shelf beyond 200 nautical miles: A status review
3 Green glauconitic marl bed as a sequence stratigraphical key for interpretation of contact between Qamchuqa and Bekhme formations in Bekhal area, Kurdistan region, NE Iraq
4 Palaeoenvironmental interpretation of Late Miocene outcrops (Miri and Seria formations) along Jalan Tutong in Brunei Darussalam
5 A case study of natural gas hydrates (NGH) in offshore NW Sabah: Identification, shallow geohazard implication for exploration drilling, extraction challenges and potential energy resource estimation
6 Transpressional deformation of Bukit C, Guar Sanai: Lithostratigraphic implication
7 Crude oil classification based on age and provenance from the Southern Iraq: A review
8 A new age interpretation for the Meluhu Formation in Toronipa peninsula, the southeast arm of Sulawesi, Indonesia
9 Comparison between Barus and Plak-Pling tombstones based on analysis of motif design
10 Active tectonics and active faults: Why these terms still lack consensus on definitions
11 Peat soil engineering and mechanical properties improvement under the effect of EKS technique at Parit Kuari, Batu Pahat, Johor, West Malaysia
12 Sedimentological characterisation of sea bottom samples collected offshore Muara and Tutong, Brunei Darussalam
13 Environment of deposition of the Jurassic-Cretaceous continental deposit in Central Pahang (Peninsular Malaysia) by sedimentary facies analysis
14 Pre-Tertiary basement subcrops beneath the Malay and Penyu basins, offshore Peninsular Malaysia: Their recognition and hydrocarbon potential
15 Petrography and diagenetic history of the Kometan Formation (Upper Cretaceous) in the Imbricated Zone, Iraqi Kurdistan Region
16 Integrated well data and 3D seismic inversion study for reservoir delineation and description