Bulletin : VOLUME NO. 72 - NOV 2021

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1 Zircon U-Pb ages of the Benom Complex: Implications for a Late Triassic uplift event in Central Peninsular Malaysia
2 Characterizing a weathering profile over the Kuantan Basalt
3 Sedimentological and stratigraphical analysis of Kaki Bukit Formation (Lower Setul Member) at Teluk Ewa, Pulau Langkawi
4 Petrofacies investigations of the Cretaceous Pab Formation Rakhi Gorge Eastern Sulaiman Range Pakistan - Implication for reservoir potential
5 Facies analysis of the Late Eocene deep-marine middle- to outer-fan sequence of the Crocker Formation in Tenom District, Sabah, Malaysia
6 Five decades of petroleum exploration and discovery in the Malay Basin (1968-2018) and remaining potential
7 Environmental impacts and social concerns - A case study associated with petroleum exploration activities from onshore Baram Delta, NW Sarawak
8 Seismic attributes for enhancing structural and stratigraphic features: Application to N-Field, Malay Basin, Malaysia
9 Application of finite difference eikonal solver for traveltime computation in forward modeling and migration
10 Suppression of vitrinite reflectance in the Malay and Penyu basins, offshore Peninsular Malaysia: A review of available data and potential implications
11 A preliminary study in vertical distribution of planktonic foraminifera and marine ecological conditions of Simeulue sub-basin, Aceh, Indonesia
12 Explanation of marine lake formation at Misool Raja Ampat West Papua, Indonesia
13 Soil related factors controlling erosion and landslides in Malaysia
14 Landslide mapping and characterization for agriculturally intensive mountainous region of Cameron Highlands, Malaysia
15 Identification and characterization of geoheritage resources at Hulu Langat, Selangor
16 Geochemistry and mineralogy of prehistoric pottery shards found at Gua Jaya, Nenggiri Valley, Kelantan, Malaysia
17 Geochemical and mineralogical assessment of secondary gypsum in Al-Najaf, Iraq and employment as raw material for cement industry
18 Petrography and field study of andesitic ignimbrite in Temangan, Kelantan