Bulletin : VOLUME NO. 73 - MAY 2022

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1 Cover
2 Magnitude-rupture area scaling derived from global earthquakes of moderate to large sizes: Implications for seismic hazards in Indonesia
3 Diving wave tomography: Velocity modelling using first arrival traveltime
4 Disaster risk management of landslides in Peninsular Malaysia
5 An erosional unconformity at the top of the Nyalau Formation near Bintulu, Central Sarawak (Malaysia): Its regional context and significance
6 Tracing the source and origin of earthenware stove in Kelantan State Museum by means of geochemical and mineralogical methods
7 Occurrence and relationship of the Aqra, Bekhme and Govanda formations in the Soran (Rawanduz) area, Kurdistan Region, northeastern Iraq
8 Biozonation (benthic foraminifera) of Mishrif Formation at Majnoon and Zubair oil fields, southern Iraq
9 Clay minerals and their implications for Late Quaternary palaeoclimate investigation: A case study in Pontian, Johor
10 Characterization of naturally fractured basement reservoir and its play concept, South Pattani Basin, Gulf of Thailand
11 Tectonic geomorphology of the Jhelum fault zone and its contiguous regions in western Himalaya
12 Geophysics and geomorphic observation for near-surface structures mapping of Seulimeum Fault on Lamtamot area, Northern Sumatra
13 Microfacies analysis and depositional environment of Pila Spi Formation (Middle - Late Eocene) in the Nerwa section, Berat anticline, High Folded Zone, Kurdistan Region, northern Iraq
14 A stratigraphic analysis of the Khasib, Tanuma and Sa’di formations in the Majnoon oil field, southern Iraq
15 Utilization of fly ash in heavy metal removal from acid mine drainage
16 Distinct depositional environments of two internal reference materials with marine sediment matrix from nearby Bangka Island