The Geological Society of Malaysia feels strongly about the promotion of geology via alternative means.
EarthCaches™ published via, with support of Geological Society of America (GSA), are one such alternative.  An EarthCache consists of an earth science lesson that requires a visit to a unique geological feature.
In an attempt to generate an interest in geology, a number of interesting geological features in Malaysia were highlighted by Geolocial Society of Malaysia (GSM) staff.  These were listed on with the assistance of Mr. R. Leow.  Mr. R. Leow unexpectedly resigned from the game in 2017, and all EarthCaches were subsequently archived. A relisting effort was launched via Geocaching Malaysia with the kind assistance of Mr. S. Timmermans.  To avoid a repeat of these EarthCaches being archived simultaniously, it was suggested to distribute these EarthCaches among interested Malaysian parties.
To allow for proper care and maintenance, the Geological Society of Malaysia has agreed to relinqush all rights to their respective owners for as long as they maintain the EarthCache(s)™ in their care, and for as long as they remain active, whereby further responsibility for these listings shall be born in full by the same.  In addition, Malaysian geocachers have full permission to use any of the online resources made available by the Geological Society of Malaysia for the creation of new EarthCaches™.
We hope these EarthCaches will be appreciated by the Malaysian public for a long time to come.
Should there be any issues regarding these EarthCaches, please contact Mr. S. Timmermans, who has successfully coordinated the relisting effort on behalf of the Geological Society of Malaysia, via the Geocaching website.
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