Authors : Lee Chai PengPublication : Bulletin of the Geological Society of MalaysiaVolume : 63Page : ivYear : 2017


The GSM 50th Anniversary special issue is published in two volumes as Bulletin 63 and 64 of the Geological Society of Malaysia’s Bulletin Series. This special issue was initiated by our past President, Dr. Mazlan Madon to commemorate the celebration of the Society’s 50 years existence.
The special issue contains about 20 papers by local and international authors, covering a wide range of subjects. This special issue is the culmination of the dedicated effort and cooperation of the authors of papers, the reviewers and members of the Editorial Advisory Board.
It is hoped that with the publication of the GSM 50th Anniversary Special Issue, the main aim of the Society to promote the advancement of knowledge of the geology of the Southeast Asia region and in particular Malaysia is further advanced.
The firm support and unselfish contribution of all involved in the realisation of this special issue, together with those who contributed generously to the Society’s funds to enable its publication is gratefully acknowledged.

Lee Chai Peng
Guest Editor
Geological Society of Malaysia