Authors : Mazlan MadonPublication : Bulletin of the Geological Society of MalaysiaVolume : 63Page : iiiYear : 2017


During the five decades since the establishment of the Society in 1967, the Bulletin of the Geological Society of Malaysia (the “Bulletin”) has become a well-regarded source of geological knowledge pertaining to Malaysia and the surrounding region. The early volumes of the Bulletin contained only papers on local geology but since the early 1970s they have included papers of wider regional interests, which were sourced from conferences hosted by the Society, such as the “Regional Conference on the Geology of Southeast Asia” in 1972 (published in Bulletin no. 6, 1973) and the “IGCP Circum-Pacific Plutonism Project Fifth Meeting” in 1975 (Bulletin no. 9, 1977). As the readership and authorship grew wider over time, more papers from the greater Southeast Asian region were published in the Bulletin. Papers on petroleum geology began to appear in Bulletin no. 12 in 1980. The highly successful petroleum geology conference series hosted by the Society from 1977 to 2013 had contributed to the significant number of petroleum-related papers in the Bulletin, which undoubtedly has become the main source of reference on the petroleum geology of Malaysia.
This special issue of the Bulletin commemorates the Society’s fiftieth anniversary and is a celebration of Malaysian geology. It is a befitting tribute to the Bulletin’s achievement as a highly regarded geological journal in the region. We invited papers from distinguished authors, in Malaysia and abroad, who have worked actively on this region and are authorities in their chosen field of research. The papers represent a diverse range of topics that include regional tectonics, stratigraphy, sedimentology, petroleum geology, engineering geology, quaternary geology, geotourism, and marine geology applications to international maritime law. Undoubtedly, this collection of papers represent only a small part of a wider spectrum of geoscience research and activities that are being carried out in this part of the world.
Due to overwhelming response from authors, the 50th anniversary issue of the Bulletin is published in two volumes, vol. 63 and vol. 64. In addition, a number of articles received by the editors are also published in the Society’s newsletter, Warta Geologi, vol. 43, nos, 2. For those articles, I would like to especially thank Mario Wannier for contributing his articles on the early history of geological mapping and exploration in Sabah (North Borneo). In celebrating the Society’s fiftieth anniversary, I view his articles as an integral part of our nation’s history of geology, our “geological heritage” that is as equally important to preserve as any outcrop or natural landscape that we identified as our ‘geoheritage’.
On behalf of the Society, I wish to extend my utmost appreciation to all the authors who contributed their invaluable papers towards this publication. This special publication would not have been possible without the reviewers, some of whom are from amongst the authors themselves. Thus, I would also like to thank all the reviewers for their efforts: Andrew Pepper, Anthony Barber, Arthur van Vliet, Azlina Anuar, Chow Weng Sum, Denis Tan, Douglas Gillies, Felix Tongkul, Franz L. Kessler, Hamdan Jol, Harry Doust, Howard Johnson, Ian Metcalfe, Kamal Roslan Mohamed, Kamaludin Hassan, Katsuo Shashida, Martin Heinesen, Mike Scherer, Mustaffa Kamal Shuib, Ng Chak Ngoon, Nick Shaw, Nur Iskandar Taib, Peter Abolins, Peter Parham, Rahmat Mohamad, Robert Hall, Robert Morley, S. Paramananthan, Tanot Unjah and Wan Nordin Wan Daud.
Last but not least, I would like to congratulate and thank the editorial team for this publication, especially Guest Editor, Dr. Lee Chai Peng, and Bulletin Editor, Prof. Wan Hasiah Abdullah and members of the secretariat, Dr Ng Tham Fatt, Anna Lee and Wan Aida Wan Zahari.

Mazlan Madon
President (2014 - 2017)
Geological Society of Malaysia