Warta Geologi, Volume 45, No. 4, December 2019, pp 287-392


Two new important outcrops along the Pan-Borneo Highway in the Lambir Hills, Miri area, Northern Sarawak

Franz L. Kessler1,*, John Jong2, Mazlan Madon3
1 Goldbach Geoconsultants O&G and Lithium Exploration, Germany
2 JX Nippon and Gas Exploration (Malaysia) Limited, Malaysia
3 Advisor, Malaysian Continental Shelf Project, National Security Council, Malaysia
* Corresponding author email address: franzlkessler32@gmail.com

Abstract: Road construction work of the Pan-Borneo Highway at sections of the Lambir Hills has created a few fresh temporary outcrops. Of particular importance is an excellent outcrop of the Mid-Miocene Unconformity (MMU), which we called the “White Cliff”. An equally spectacular outcrop shows Lambir sandstone offset in strike-slip against a sand wedge and the older Setap Shale, at the inferred (West) Baram Line location. The outcrop is an additional data point for the Baram Line regional strike-slip system, which has been mapped previously with some confidence on both seismic and gravity data.

Keywords: Outcrops, Miocene, MMU, Baram Line, Lambir Hills, Miri, Sarawak