Workshop: The potential for groundwater in Malaysia’s resilient urban future

Event Code : workshop 9-7-2018 Venue Name : Heriot-Watt University, Putrajaya Host Name : Coordinator Name : Date From : 2018-07-09

The programme, ‘British Council Researcher Links’ provides opportunities for early career researchers from the UK and internationally to interact, learn from each other and explore opportunities for building long-lasting research collaborations. As part of this programme, we are now recruiting early career researchers from Malaysia and the UK to participate in this workshop.

The workshop will provide a unique opportunity for sharing research expertise and networking. During the workshops early career researchers will have the opportunity to present their research and discuss this with established researchers from the UK and Malaysia. There will be a focus on building up links for future collaborations.

Via the Newton Fund, the workshop will cover the travel and accommodation expenses of 30 early career researchers (see eligibility criteria below): 15 from Malaysia and 15 from the UK.

We recognise the importance of researchers understanding the relevance of research to policy-makers, regulators, and industry, and vice-versa, and will therefore accept a further 6 early career professionals working within the water management sphere. However, their travel and accommodation costs will have to be met by their organisation.

The deadline for applications is 13 April 2018. Successful applicants will be notified by 4 May 2018.