National Geoscience Conference 2018 - Georesources Development for a Sustainable Future

Event Code : NGC 2018 Venue Name : Bayview Hotel, Georgetown, Penang Host Name : Coordinator Name : Date From : 2018-09-18

National Geoscience Congference 2018

The Geological Society of Malaysia is pleased to announce that the National Geoscience Conference 2018 (NGC2018), 31th of the annual conferences, will be held at the Bayview Hotel, Georgetown, Penang from 18th to 19th September 2018. The Conference is a premier geoscientific event in Malaysia, which is well attended by geoscientists from academia as well as the public and private sectors. NGC2018 is co- organized with the Minerals & Geoscience Department Malaysia (JMG) and Universiti Sains Malaysia, Penang.


The technical program of NGC2018 consists of oral and poster presentations on all aspects of Geoscience, Environments and Technology related to the theme. Presentations will be delivered by keynote speakers on topics of relevance to the theme and interest to the nation. There will be a one-day post-NGC2018 fieldtrip to Gunung Jerai Geopark, Kedah

As we move forward through the modern era, the practice of science and technology is omnipresent. Knowledge of the earth’s systems and processes, together with the application of technology has improved our quality of life through the utilization and management of the earth’s natural resources such as rocks, minerals, petroleum, natural gas and groundwater. The use of technology in blasting, geosciences can generate creative and innovative solutions to address current environmental issues. Practical application through these approaches may create new horizon and opportunities that can be adopted for a better future.


A One day shortcourse on Advance Blasting Technology is planned on 2nd day of conference. Details will be announced in the next circular.


A post-conference fieldtrip to Gunung Jerai Geopark, Kedah and Fort Conrwallis, Sungai Batu & Guar Kepah, Penang is planned. Details will be announced in the next circular.


Full Abstract submission
15th July 2018

Early Bird Payment/Registration
Up to 14 July 2018

15th July – 1st September 2018

Full paper submission
31th July 2018

Final Circular

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