GSM Seminar (in collaboration with the Geology Department, UM and Institute Geology Malaysia)Advanced Seminar on Economic Geology and Mineral Resources in Malaysia

Event Code : GSM Event 8-1-2019 Venue Name : Geology Department, University of Malaya Host Name : Coordinator Name : Date From : 2019-08-01

A 1-Day Seminar for economic and exploration geologists, mining & mineral process engineers, technical, production managers as well as government officers, mine owners & investors involved in tin, gold, rare earth, bauxite, iron/manganese ore, sand, clay, granite, marble mining, mineral resource development, & researchers & academics, to review current activities and future of mining in Malaysia.

Malaysia, to lead in the ASEAN region, must renew and intensify efforts to explore for Tin, Gold, Rare Earth Minerals, Tantalum, Iron /Manganese, Aluminium (Bauxite) ores which are required not only for basic manufacturing and infrastructure development, but also for future, high-end 5G technologies, electronics, EV & space industries. There must also be continued efforts to identify and produce quality silica sand, rock and stone aggregates for construction purposes, especially for houses, condominiums, commercial buildings, factories, power and cement plants, dams, tunnels, bridges, LRT, MRT, etc. Value-added, high quality mineral products are also being used at an ever increasing rate in many manufacturing industries in Malaysia. These include the glass, ceramics, paint & coatings, rubber, plastics, oil & gas, automotive, environmental, agricultural and electronic industries. These create jobs for the youth and future generations of Malaysia, as well as spin-offs for finance, logistics and transport industries. The demand for tin, gold, REE, silica sand, granites, limestone, kaolin, ballclay, feldspar, dolomite, barite, bentonite, coal (fuel), iron ore and bauxite will continue to rise meteorically, in tandem with the dynamic growth of the economies in the ASEAN region (average 4 - 5%). Many of the engineered mineral products are also imported from all over the Asia-Pacific region, at several times the price of local products, due to the distance from the source. Hence, the need to develop innovative products from Malaysia’s own local mineral resources, to complement those imported, would be critical to the competitiveness and sustainability of the manufacturing industries & jobs in Malaysia.

Registration: RM100 for GSM and IGM members, RM140 for non-members.

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