Conference: GEOSEA 2020: 5 Years after ASEAN Integration: Milestones, Challenges and Perpectives for Geoscientists

Event Code : GEOSEA2020 Venue Name : SMX Aura, Taguig, Phillipines Host Name : Coordinator Name : Date From : 2020-12-01

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Registratioon: USD300 (Regular) USD250 (Early Bird)

Call for Abstracts

The Geological Society of the Philippines is inviting participants to attend the “16th Regional Congress on Geology, Minerals and Energy Resources of Southeast Asia (GEOSEA XVI)” in 2020. GEOSEA XVI, comprising of scientific sessions and pre- and postcongress GeoTours, will be held from November 28 to December 5, 2020.

We are also inviting paper presentations in the following session topics:

• Future energy resource exploration and the role of unconventional hydrocarbon deposits
• New technologies for renewable energy resources
• Trends, challenges and opportunities for petroleum exploration in Southeast Asia
• Developments in economic geology and strategies in the search for blind ore deposits
• Innovative green mining technologies
• Rehabilitation of degraded and mined-out areas
• Evolution of the South China Sea basin: Geodynamic framework, geohazards and resources
• Paleobiogeography of Southeast Asia: Paleontological and stratigraphic evidences
• Paleoceanography and the evolution of Southeast Asian seas
• Marginal basins, paleo-plates and tectonics of the Western Pacific
• Subduction zone geodynamics: Recent data from petrology, geochemistry, geophysics
• Geohazards, disaster risk reduction and climate change adaptation
• Engineering strategies to minimize the impacts of geohazards
• Advances in characterizing and monitoring landslide hazards
• Understanding volcanoes: Magmas and other related hazards
• New solutions to engineering geology and geotechnical problems
• Sustainable geotourism and geoparks development in rural areas
• Karst landscapes: Formation, resources and hazards