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Malaysia’s national society for geoscience, supporting over 1,100 members worldwide

Welcome to the Geological Society of Malaysia

The Geological Society of Malaysia exists to promote the professional, scientific and academic endeavours of our members, and the advancement of the geosciences in Malaysia and in South East Asia. We publish the Bulletin,  a journal for scientific papers and the Warta Geologi,  a Newsletter for information of the activities of the Society. We organise conferences, field trips, seminars, short courses and technical talks.

Bulletin Of The Geological Society Of Malaysia

A journal for scientific papers.

Warta Geologi

A Newsletter for information of the activities of the Society.

Featured Publications

Bulletin of the Geological Society of Malaysia

Page : i - ii

Joy Jacqueline Pereira

Page : 1 - 2

Marcus R. Dobbs, Qalam A’zad Rosle, Dalila Ahmad, Helen F. Burke, Muhammad Ezwan Dahlan, Jontih Enggihon, Richard B. Haslam, Nicholas Jacob, Kenneth Lawrie, A. Graham Leslie, Alvyn Clancey Mickey, Muhammad Ramzanee Mohd Noh, Syed Omar, Nikki A. Smith, Steve Thorpe

Page : 3 - 25

Fakhruddin Afif Fauzi*, Edwin James, Muhammad Sufi Musa, Hamdan Ariffin, Abdullah Sulaiman, Mahat Sibon, Abdul Hadi Abdul Rahman, Muhammad Falah Zahri, Azizan Ali

Page : 27 - 45

Muhamad Kadri, Nordiana Mohd Muztaza*, Mohd Nawawi Mohd Nordin, Muhammad Taqiuddin Zakaria, Farid Najmi Rosli, Mustapha Adeejo Mohammed, Siti Zulaika

Page : 47 - 53

John Kuna Raj

Page : 55 - 62

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