Our Constitution

With amendments up to 28th February 1986



The Society shall be called “The Geological Society of Malaysia” and in the Malaysian Language “Persatuan Geologi Malaysia”, hereinafter called the “Society”.


The object of the Society is to promote advancement of the geological sciences particularly in Malaysia and nearby areas.


Section 1: The membership shall consist of Full Members, Honorary Members, Professional Members, Student Members, Associate Members and Institutional Members. Full Members, Honorary Members, and Professional Members shall be known as Corporate Members. Student Members, Associate Members and Institutional Members shall be known as Non-Corporate members.

Full Members

Section 2: Candidates for Full Member shall be persons who have a Bachelors degree in geology or equivalent qualification in a related science or an equivalent training through practical experience.

Honorary Members

Section 3: The Council may from time to time elect as Honorary persons who have contributed distinguished service to the Science of Geology.

Section 4: Honorary members shall have all the rights and duties of Full Members, save that they shall not be liable for dues.

Professional Members

Section 5: A candidate for Professional membership must satisfy the following conditions:-

i) The candidate shall be a person who has at least a Bachelors degree with Honours either in geology or a related science from a university or institution of higher learning recognized by the Government of Malaysia or equivalent qualification.

ii) The Candidate shall be actively associated with the mineral profession at the time of his application.

iii) The candidate must satisfy the Council that he is fit and proper person to become a Professional Member.

Any Questions?

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