A petrographic study on sandstones from the Meluhu Formation, Southeast Sulawesi, Eastern Indonesia

Author : Surono
Publication : Bulletin of the Geological Society of Malaysia
Page : 215-231
Volume Number : 40
Year : 1997
DOI : https://doi.org/10.7186/bgsm40199716

Bulletin of the Geological Society of Malaysia, Volume 40, July 1997, pp.215 – 231

A petrographic study on sandstones from the Meluhu Formation, Southeast Sulawesi, Eastern Indonesia


Geological Research and Development Centre, JI. Diponegoro 57, Bandung, 40122, Indonesia


Abstract: The Meluhu Formation, which is widely distributed in the Southeast Arm of Sulawesi, Eastern Indonesia, is dominated by sandstone intercalated with mudstone, siltstone and shale in the lower part and limestone, siltstone and shale in the upper part. The formation is unconformably underlain by metamorphic complex and unconformably overlain by Palaeogene oolitic limestone strata of the Tampakura Formation.

Petrographic study of 78 selected sandstones and 50 X-ray analyses of shale and siltstone from the Meluhu Formation. Sandstone fragments are dominated by quartz and lithic. The most probable source of the sandstone is a recycle orogen. The source area is likely to have a rugged topography with possible warm climate and high rainfall.


Abstrak: Formasi Meluhu yang tersebar luas di Lengan Tenggara Sulawesi, Indonesia Timur, dikuasai oleh batupasir bersisipan batulumpur, batulanau dan serpih di bagiannya bawah serta batugamping, batulanau dan serpih di bagian atasnya. Formasi ini menindih takselaras batuan malihan dan tertindih takselaras oleh satuan batugamping oolitan dari Formasi Tampakura yang berumur Paleogen.

Petrografi dari 78 batupasir terpilih dan 50 analisaX-ray dari serpih dan batulanau dilakukan pada perconto dari Formasi Meluhu. Kepingan-kepingan batupasirnya dikuasai oleh kuarsa dan batuan. Diduga batupasir berasal dari daerah recycle orogen. Daerah asal batupasir ini tampaknya mempunyai topografi kasar beriklim hangat curah hujan yang tinggi.