Conservation of geological features in Peninsular Malaysia

Author : Frank Yong Siew Kee
Publication : Bulletin of the Geological Society of Malaysia
Page : 157-197
Volume Number : 23
Year : 1989

Bulletin of the Geological Society of Malaysia, Volume 23, August 1989, pp. 157 – 197

Conservation of Geological Features in Peninsular Malaysia


Chooi Shee Hoong & Co., Kuala Lumpur


Abstract: Geological conservation is the protection from destruction of physical formations and geological phenomena of outstanding scientific value representing the different stages of the Earth‘s geologic history and its transformation through ongoing geological processes.

Conservation takes into account the need for a proper and the most economical exploitation of the country‘s geologic resource in order to prevent undue waste of this depletive and non-renewable resource.

Various types of geological features may be conserved for the science and study of geology. These features are type sections/localities/areas of geological formations, fossil localities, karstic limestone hills and caves, rock forms, coastlines, hot springs, coral reefs and historical man-made mining structures.

In view of land and economic development, the selection of a geological feature for conservation must be pragmatic. The feature should significantly represent one or more aspects of geology and does not duplicate the geology of other features conserved. These features occurring in a state of Peninsular Malaysia may be conserved in a State Park (land and marine), Nature Reserve, Nature Monument and Geological Site (of special scientific interest). Geological Site is a new category of conservation area in this country, proposed in this study.

Geological features are studied in various earth science disciplines by various universities in the country. A Code For Geological Fieldwork is proposed for adoption to conserve geological localities for future field study from vandalistic “hammer-happy” fieldworkers and from indiscriminate wasteful collecting.

Geological features in Peninsular Malaysia that are worthy for conservation are evaluated.