Seismic HC reservoir prediction: a (critical) review on the determination of lithological parameters from seismic data

Author : Burkhard Buttkus
Publication : Bulletin of the Geological Society of Malaysia
Page : 133-150
Volume Number : 18
Year : 1985

Bulletin of the Geological Society of Malaysia, Volume 18, Nov. 1985, pp. 133 – 150

Seismic HC reservoir prediction: A (Critical) Review on the Determination Of Lithological Parameters from Seismic Data


Federal Institute of Geosciences and Resources (BGR), 3000 Hannover 5, Federal Republic of Germany


Abstract: The approach in seismic reservoir prediction is a combination of the extraction of physical parameters from seismic measurements, seismogram inversion including the calibration at available well locations and modelling. The key to most present-day reservoir interpretation is understanding the reflection wave shape as a function of structural and petrophysical parameters.

Much success in the recognition of stratigraphical traps, prediction of pore filler changes and the extent of hydrocarbon reservoirs from seismic sections during the last decade is based on improvements in seismic data acquisition plus processing and a better understanding of the relations between seismic surface data and petrophysical/lithological situations in the subsurface

After a brief review on new developments and trends in Exploration Seismics, the concepts of data extraction and modelling, the conditions required for their application and limitation are discussed.