LITHO, a computerized approach to lithofacies determination

Author : Ali R. Somturk & S. Des Ligneris
Publication : Bulletin of the Geological Society of Malaysia
Page : 101-118
Volume Number : 18
Year : 1985

Bulletin of the Geological Society of Malaysia, Volume 18, Nov. 1985, pp. 101 – 118

“LITHO” A computerized approach to lithofacies identification


Schlumberger Overseas S.A.-Malaysia 


Schlumberger Technical Services Inc.-Singapore


Abstract: It is well-known that logs respond not only to the petro-physical parameters of a formation but also to such geological parameters as mineralogy, texture and sedimentary features.

Several modern logging tools now in common use make new measurements to describe the formation lithology.

The high volume of measurements produced by modern logging techniques has necessitated the use of high-speed digital computers and analytical programs.

LITHO is a program which combines modern wireline logging measurements with a lithofacies database to produce an automatic lithological description of the formations penetrated by the borehole.

The database is defined from petrographical knowledge and calibrated against intervals whose lithology is well known. The database currently uses log recording of density, neutron, sonic transit time, gamma ray, photo-electric cross section and thorium, potassium and uranium concentration. External knowledge can be taken into account using Artificial Intelligence methods.

The application of LITHO to the Malay basin is demonstrated through an example presented in this paper.