Rock geochemical exploration at Thabyebintaung Pb-Zn prospect, Bawsaing, Southern Shan State, Burma

Author : U Khin Zaw, U Aung Pwa and U Mg Mg Gyi
Publication : Bulletin of the Geological Society of Malaysia
Page : 83 – 93
Volume Number : 15
Year : 1982

Bulletin of the Geological Society of Malaysia, Volume 15, December 1982, pp. 83 – 93

Rock geochemical exploration at Thabyebintaung Pb-Zn prospect, Bawsaing, Southern Shan State, Burma


1Applied Geology Department, Post-graduate Training in Mineral Exploration, Arts and Science
University, Rangoon, Burma.

2Present Address: Directorate of Geological Survey and Exploration, Kanbe, Rangoon, Burma.


Abstract: The Thabyebintaung prospect is one of the known Pb-Zn occurrences in Lower Palaeozoic carbonate rocks in Southern Shan State, Burma. The Thabyebintaung Pb-Zn prospect is comparable to the principal Mississippi Valley-type deposits of Heyl et al., (1974) in many respects such as host rock stratigraphy, structural setting, mineralogy and ore metal zonation. Rock geochemical study of the Thabyebintaung area was carried out to determine the relationship between the distribution of ore metals (Pb, Zn, Cu, Ag & Ni) in the carbonate host rocks and the known mineralization. 219 rock samples were collected from the surface and underground workings in the Thabyebintaung area. Two mineralized zones (eastern and western) are present in the exploration Adit (50) of the Thabyebintaung prospect. Concentration of Pb in the carbonate host rocks along Adit (50) increases towards both mineralized zones while Zn, Cu, and Ni show high concentrations at the eastern mineralized zone but with no apparent variation of Ag. The areal distribution of Pb and Zn indicated a direct relation to the mineralized zones buried 20-80 metres below the surface-high values of Pb and Zn of the surface carbonate rock sampels are coincident with the projected locations of the mineralized zones of Adit (50). Copper contents of the surface rock samples also show high concentrations above the western mineralized zone of Adit (50). Present studies suggest that ore element variations in the carbonate rocks of the study area give a significant relationship with the known mineralization and it is believed that rock geochemical exploration methods can be applied successfully to delineate new Pb-Zn deposits in Bawsaing area, Southern Shan State, Burma.

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