Magnetic spectrum of the San Kampaeng geothermal area, Northern Thailand

Author : Somsri Sertsrivanit, Charn Tantisukrit & Surachai Praserdvigai
Publication : Bulletin of the Geological Society of Malaysia
Page : 587-595
Volume Number : 19
Year : 1986

Bulletin of the Geological Society of Malaysia, Volume 19, April 1986, pp. 587 – 595

Magnetic spectrum of the San Kampaeng geothermal area, Northern Thailand


1Department of Geological Sciences, Chiang Mai University, Thailand

2Special Energy Division, Energy Technology Department, Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand.


Abstract: The energy spectrum of the San Kampaeng total magnetic field is cut off at the frequency higher than 0.0015 cycle/metre for each magnetic profile to remove a near surface magnetic noise. These filtered magnetic data arc plotted as a contour magnetic map for magnetic interpretation. The contour map gives excellent results on which a geological interpretation can be based. The map shows magnetic bodies which are postulated to be a heat source of the San Kampaeng geothermal area. A major fault structure is also revealed by this magnetic contour map. This major fault is along the direction of magnetic bodies trending north-south. The results prove the existence of a fault, adjacent to the east of the massive limestone hills, which may have direct implication to the present position of the San Kampaeng Volcanics.