Complex tin-bearing sulphides of the South Chinese ore type

Author : G.H. Moh
Publication : Bulletin of the Geological Society of Malaysia
Page : 369-374
Volume Number : 19
Year : 1986

Bulletin of the Geological Society of Malaysia, Volume 19, April 1986, pp. 369 – 374

Complex tin-bearing sulphides of the South Chinese ore type


Mineralogisch-Petrographisches Institut, der Universitat Heidelberg, Postfach 10 40 40, D6900 Heidelberg 1; Fed. Republic of Germany


Abstract: In the Chinese skarn deposits of Dachang and Shizhuyuan unusual mineral associations include: silver-enriched stannites containing mercury and arsenic producing stannite-kesterite-velikite mixed crystals with transitions to stanno-Iuzonite.

Traces of bivalent tin replace lead in jamesonite and bournonite. Teallite was observed, and franckeite with tin in two valency state has constant amounts of Sn4+2 and varying concentrations of Sn2+ as substitute for Pb2+.

In Shizhuyuan, manganese-bearing stannite was found to react with wolframite producing normal stannite and Mn-enriched wolframite. Mn-bearing stannite was found to be unstable with pyrrhotite, as the mineral phases would react to produce normal stannite and alabandite.

The mineral phases pyrite, pyrrhotite, bismuthinite and native bismuth were found to occur closely associated, partly intergrown, displaying either formation temperatures around 200°C (invariant reaction) or preserved disequilibria which remain after stages of mineral formation and/or metamorphism.

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