Biostratigraphy and paleoecology of fusulinids from Bukit Panching, Pahang

Author : Idris, M.B. & Azlan, M.S.
Publication : Bulletin of the Geological Society of Malaysia
Page : 87-100
Volume Number : 24
Year : 1989

Bulletin of the Geological Society of Malaysia, Volume 24, Oct.1989, pp. 87 – 100

Biostratigraphy and Paleoecology of Fusulininids from Bukit Panching, Pahang


1Department of Geology, University of Malaya, Kuala Lumpur

2Personnel Section, Universiti Pertanian Malaysia, Serdang


Abstract : Bukit Panching, part of the previously described massively bedded Upper Carboniferous Panching Limestone, exhibits well-bedded limestones of thickness 1-4 metres that offer excellent stratigraphic control. From the distribution of the fusulininids recovered, five local assemblage zones are established. These fusulininids and the lithological character of the limestone indicates that the limestone of Bukit Panching was deposited in a warm shallow marine sheltered environment. Although fusulinaceans seemed to dominate the fauna, endothyraceans were the most diverse.