The Exploration of the Nickel Laterite Deposits in Irian Barat, Indonesia

Author : C. D. Reynolds, I. Havryluk, S. Bastaman & S. Atmowidjojo
Publication : Bulletin of the Geological Society of Malaysia
Page : 309-323
Volume Number : 6
Year : 1973

Bulletin of the Geological Society of Malaysia, Volume 6, Jul, 1973, pp. 309 – 323

The Exploration of the Nickel Laterite Deposits in Irian Barat, Indonesia


P.T. Pacific Nikkel Indonesia, P.O. Box 171, Djakarta, Indonesia


Abstract: Nickel-bearing laterites developed in-situ on nickel-bearing peridotites were examined during the period 1969-1971 at a number of localities in the Cyclops and Waigeo areas in Irian Barat, Indonesia. The laterites occur in both forested and unforested areas and as plateau and hill-side types of deposits. The distribution of chemical elements within the profile is similar to other tropical nickel laterite deposits, i.e., concentration of Al2O3 and Fe in the near surface layers with an accompanying depletion of SiO2 and MgO and concentration of nickel in the low iron portion of the profile. Exploration was by drilling (hand augers, mechanical augers and coring drills) and test pits. Through 1971 more than 50,000 meters of drilling and testpitting were completed. Samples were analyzed for Ni, Co and Fe at PTPNI‘s chemical laboratory on Waigeo Island. All drilling information, chemical analyses and mining classifications are being analyzed by data processing techniques. In late 1971 a 12,000 ton bulk sample was collected on Gag Island and shipped to Fort Saskatchewan, Canada for testing and evaluation studies.