Later Mesozoic flora from Maran, Pahang, West Malaysia. Part 2: Taxonomic considerations

Author : C. J. Smiley
Publication : Bulletin of the Geological Society of Malaysia
Page : 89-113
Volume Number : 3
Year : 1970

Bulletin of the Geological Society of Malaysia, Volume 3, March 1970, pp. 89 – 113

Later Mesozoic Flora from Maran, Pahang, West Malaysia

Part 2: Taxonomic Considerations


Visiting Fulbright Professor, University of Malaya

(Permanent address: Department of Geology & Geography, University of Idaho, Moscow, Idaho, U.S.A.)


Abstract: A total of 16 plant megafossil species has been identified in the two Maran collections. Five of these are pteridophytes of the genus Gleichenoides Kon‘no in the family Gleicheniaceae. One is a sphenopsid referred to the genus Equisetites. Five are cycadophytes referred to the three genera Otozamites, Ptilophyllum, and Zamites. A single species of conifer in the genus Frenelopsis appears to have affinities with the Cupressaceae, and cones of the species were related to the form-genus Conites by Kon‘no. Two other leaf forms, possibly conifers, are assigned to the genera ?Pelourdea and ?Nageiopsis. A possible fruiting body is referred to ?Carpolithes. No records of Ginkgophytes or of Angiosperms (Dicotyledons) are present in the later Mesozoic (Neocomian) floras of West Malaysia.