An analysis of basin asymmetry in the Klang basin, Selangor

Author : R. P. C. Morgan
Publication : Bulletin of the Geological Society of Malaysia
Page : 17 – 26
Volume Number : 3
Year : 1970

Bulletin of the Geological Society of Malaysia, Volume 3, March 1970, pp. 17 – 26

An Analysis of Basin Asymmetry in the Klang Basin, Selangor


University of Malaya


Abstract: An analysis of the fourth order topographic basins within the drainage system of the Sungei Klang reveals that a number of them are asymmetrical. Basin asymmetry appears to be a reflection of structural control since the direction of maximum asymmetry follows certain preferred alignments, of which 30°, 105° and 140° are the most important. A distribution analysis using the nearest neighbour test indicates that those asymmetrical basins which follow the 105° direction have a tendency towards agglomeration. They are therefore distinctive compared with the basins aligned in other directions, which are distributed randomly. It is suggested that the randomly distributed basins have been superimposed and that their alignment partially reflects the geological conditions of rocks since removed by denudation, and that the basins aligned along 105° are the result of subsequent adjustments of the drainage to the present geological conditions.