Gold investigation in the Sungai Luit area, Mengapur Base Metal District, Pahang

Author : Wong, W.S. & Lee, A.K.
Publication : Bulletin of the Geological Society of Malaysia
Page : 667-700
Volume Number : 20
Year : 1987

Bulletin of the Geological Society of Malaysia, Volume 20, August 1986, pp. 667 – 700

Gold investigation in the Sungai Luit area, Mengapur Base Metal District, Pahang


1Geological Survey of Malaysia, Kuantan

2Geological Survey of Malaysia, lpoh


Abstract: The gold anomaly at Sg. Luit forms part of the Mengapur halo which surrounds an area of copper-molybdenum mineralization. Follow-up geochemical survey was initiated in late 1982. A 40 square kilometre gold anomalous area was delineated. Detailed soil geochemistry, pitting and test geophysical surveys were undertaken over 6 square kilometres of the most anomalous zone. This was later extended for another 3 square kilometres north westwards.

Geochemical anomaly maps were obtained from residual soil data, chemical analysis of heavy mineral residue from soil and gold colour count of heavy mineral residue. Anomaly maps obtained have indicated the possible occurrence of placer gold within the alluvial plain of the Sg. Luit especially its interfluve with Sg. Burong and Sg. Tekoh. They also indicated that primary gold mineralization probably occurs within the vicinity of Sg. Selangor and Sg. Chembah. Preliminary deep hole hand augering was carried out in two areas, one of which gave an indication of primary gold mineralization at depth.

Primary gold mineralization in the area appears to be structurally controlled rather than lithological. The main trend of mineralization at Mengapur is northeast-southwest. Gold mineralization at Sungai Luit probably follows the same trend. The extent of mineralization and its economic potential is not known as more detailed work needs to be carried out.