Warta Geologi Volume 24, No 6

Author : Geological Society of Malaysia
Publication : Volume : 24
Page : Nov-Dec 1998
Volume Number : 24
Year : 1998
DOI : ngsm1998006
KANDUNGAN (Contents)
CATATAN GEOLOGI (Geological Notes)
G.H. Teh and Anisalimahwati bt Sulaiman: Preliminary geochemistry and characterisation of alluvial gold from the Jeli and Sokor areas, Kelantan
PERTEMUAN PERSATUAN (Meetings of the Society)
Joseph J. Lambiase: Outcrop analogues of subsurface reservoirs in NW Borneo 
C.R. Twidale: Origin of bornhardts 
Karsten M. Storetvedt:
1) Public Lecture – The wandering poles: earth history in new perspective;
2) Research Seminar – Research methods in global wrench tectonics;
3) An alternative evolutionary model for the earth
Karsten M. Storetvedt: Global wrench tectonics: new model of Earth evolution 
Jonathan Redfern: The deep gas potential of the Batu Raja Formation in South Sumatra. A case history: the Singa gas discovery
Jim Howes: Practical use of wire line formation pressure data – estimating fluid content, hydrocarbon contacts, and reservoir connectivity
Malam WWW: Weather, Weathering & Water
– Chan Ah Kee: The EI Nino & La Nina phenomena 
– John K. Raj: Weathering of granitic rocks 
– Saim Suratman and Nazan Awang: Recent groundwater studies in the Klang Valley
Pertambahan Baru Perpustakaan (New Library Additions)
Local News
PUSAT 2000
Kalendar (Calendar) 

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